Our Program

Our program is designed for anyone between their mid-50s to late 70s who wants to live a life of good health and happiness.

  • A life where we know we are capable of joining family and friends in energetic activities if we choose. 
  • Where we are confident and mentally focused
  • Where we contnue to be curious and engaged in our communities. 
  • A life where we can be of service if needed and are grateful because of it.

If this is you, WELCOME.  You are joining an online community of those aspiring to lead rich, fulfilling, healthy lives.


Hiking along a sun-drenched coastline is my idea of filling the senses with positive vibes. It’s a simple pleasure. When historical landmarks and ancient fishing villages are added to the movement of the ocean and the changing landscapes, it’s a formula hard to beat. Recently while in England, I did some hiking the 630 miles (1,014 km) path that hugs the coasts of Devon and Cornwall. One short section of around 5 miles from Zennor to St Ives involves a rugged succession of climbs and descents.

It started out as a training exercise, and I took pleasure in moving swiftly and nimbly (dare I say gracefully?) up and down the steep paths and over and among the granite rocks. It’s a great way to put to use the core, agility and balance exercises important to any training regime. After all, we are balancing on one limb even when taking a stroll. But it was a magnificent morning, with cloudless sky, gentle breeze to dry perspiration, trail bordered with spring flowers and the sound of sea and birds. I couldn’t resist stopping to take a few photos or exchange pleasantries with other walkers. These were of all ages (one couple were around 70) and sizes. All having fun, even though a few were undertaking multi-day hikes and laboring beneath heavy packs.

Walking is a basic movement and I wondered if any of the walkers I encountered took it for granted. In the past I did so until I had an ankle or knee injury. Moving confidently along a challenging coastal path or simply walking over uneven, wet or icy ground near our homes is a skill we can lose with inactivity or age. Sadly, far too many no longer move gracefully, having lost muscle strength or range of movement or disease brought on by poor fitness and health.

Mobility & balance

Poor mobility and balance can lead to falls at any age but studies of Older Adults (OA) over 65 show:

  • One in three take a fall
  • 50% fall again within one year
  • Fractures are most common as a result of falls
  • In the US, every 15 secs an OA is treated in Emergency rooms for a fall and every 29 mins an Older Adult dies from a fall

Starting the second half of life does not mean we give in to losing muscle mass; bone density. Growing old gracefully does not mean losing graceful movement. We can take action to reduced the risk of falls as we age, even when we are younger.

Where would you rate yourself on the mobility and balance scales? In my next blog, I’ll have some suggestions on how to test and improve this essential fitness area.

What's Inside!

Take life in your stride again, with Paths to Peak Fitness.

No need for a gym! David Shadbolt guides you through an adaptable fitness routine that you can enjoy within your own home. The program progresses throughout the month to help you stay limber, strong and able to take life in your stride. 
Registered holistic nutritionist Lisa Marie Whitaker offers wholesome dietary information, advice and recipes that will assist you in your return to optimum health. No fads, no food fashions, just real insight into healthy living.
Focus and Relaxation
Clinical hynotherapist Valerie Ostara provides beautiful relaxations that ground your journey, provide oases of calm, and help you visualize your destination on your Paths to Peak Wellness.